Top Hobbies for Active Retirees

Top Hobbies for Active Retirees

One of the toughest things to come to terms with for retirees is they might not physically be able to enjoy the hobbies they did at a younger age. Unfortunately this brings some retirees active life to a stand still which can reduce their life span. Staying active is vitally important to maintaining weight and muscle tissue for a strong healthy body. In this post I’ll cover 3 hobbies for active retirees that want to stay fit and healthy.


Practicing yoga on a regular basis can be a great alternative to workouts that put heavy strain the on the like weight lifting. It will increase your flexibility, core strength, and will give you a calming peace of mind. With it’s explosive popularity in the last few years you won’t have any trouble find a local yoga center near you. If you have any trouble doing so just check Thumbtack for a local private instructor or group class.


This ones probably the obvious one right? Everybody knows that golf has been a popular activity for retirees, but did you know it’s actually really good exercise. You can burn over 1000 calories walking 18 holes of golf and the effort it takes to swing your clubs is a great full body exercise.


There’s nothing better for your mind then getting out into nature. There is something about the fresh air, sun shine and sounds wildlife that you just can’t get in any gym. Taking a brisk hike everyday is a great routine to get into. It is important to always bring somebody with out as hiking alone can be dangerous if you were to fall.

If you are at the age of a retiree it crucially important that you stay active and fit. It will make your life so much more enjoyable.