Why Boquete, Panama is a Popular Relocation Destination for Retirees

Why Boquete, Panama is a Popular Relocation Destination for Retirees

For many years it would be considered strange and even dangerous to move out of the United States in your retirement years. The reason for this change is the ever increasing price spikes we are seeing on real estate and just basic costs of living. In this post I’d like to review Boquete, Panama which is one of the most attractive areas in the world for retirees and those who want to live a lower stress lifestyle without a million dollar mortgage. I’ll cover some of the main reason you might want to consider moving to the tranquil mountain town.

The Weather

This is one of the main draws fro people coming from all over, especially cold climates like Canada or the upper northern United States. It’s what is known as a micro climate. The town is located at a high elevation to escape the heat for the beach towns, but is not too high where it gets too cold. It’s provides a very comfortable temp year round.

The People

The local people of Boquete are known as some of the nicest people in the world. They are inviting to expats from different countries as it helps build their economy.

Cost of Living

Boquete homes

Okay, this one probably should have been listed first. If you are coming from a major city in North America, you will be very happy with the prices you will find here. For example, I’m originally from the Los Angeles area where rent for a small 1 bed room is at least two thousand a month. In comparison, Boquete has apartments that are often much nicer for between $500 to $700 per month and 3 bedroom houses for around $1500 per month.

Health Care

This is a big one. If you are leaving the comforts of your home country, one of the biggest fears is what will happen if I get sick or need major medical attention. Boquete has excellent medical care at a fraction of the price of America. You can see a doctor for under $15 and medical insurance is around $100 a month which is amazing!

The Food

Another huge plus is the abundance of organic food available. Locals say that around 80% of the countries food is grown in this region due to the natural environment being a perfect eco system for growing.

Close to Big Stores & Shopping

Many fear that moving to a location like Boquete will leave them feeling isolated, but thats not the case. You are only a short 50 minute drive to the city of David that has large shopping centers.

If you would like to hire a full service relocation guide then I advise you check out Panama Relocation Tours, and if the reasons I have listed above are not enough to consider Boquete for your retirement plan, then check out the video below for even more.